SOCI 3430B – Social Movements and Collective Action (2019)
SOCI 3060 – Critical Disability Studies (2018, 2019)


SOCI 5005F – Recurring Debates in Social Thought (2019, 2020)
SOCI 5806X – Critical Disability Studies (2019, 2020)
SOCI 5900F – Disability and Representation Directed Reading (2018)
SOCI 5900F – Disability and Technology Directed Reading (2019)


Current Supervison

MA Thesis Supervisor
Rachel Jobson, Women’s and Gender Studies 
Rasya Robinson, Sociology
Megan Linton, Public Policy and Administration

PhD Comprehensive Exam Committee
Dani Normandeau, Sociology

PhD Dissertation Committee
Christian Pasiak, Sociology


Completed Supervison

Undergraduate Honours Thesis
Rachel Peskett, Child Studies (Completed April 2019)

MA Supervisor
Sarah Bond, Sociology (MRP, Completed April 2019)

MA Thesis Committee
Mary Jessome, Sociology (Completed January 2020)